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Those amazing young adult Tir-na-nOg alumni are back with a victoriously theatrical production of Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. In a rollicking play that brings the acclaimed British author’s Discworld to life, the stage teems with creatures from every corner of the human imagination, each for his-her own reason and all together marching toward an appointment with destiny. Like a page cut from many an old-country ballad, young Polly Perks cuts off her hair, disguises herself as a boy and joins the army to search the maw of war for a lost brother, learning a lot about life, military and otherwise, along the way, in a story that provides a perfect vehicle for Pratchett’s skillful blend of quirky, Pythonesque humour and boundless ingenuity with a penetrating, sometimes poignant, examination of the human condition, all with an eye for our collective pratfalls and our clumsy and heroic attempts to reach for the stars.

As a play that tackles mature themes with a sometimes ribald humour and occasional harsh language, this production is not recommended for young children. For those who feel they can take it, however, tickets will be on sale at Phoenix on Bowen, at the Tir-na-nOg box office and at the door.  Seating is limited, don’t hesitate!

In a re-grouping of the cast who brought the riotous laughter of Noises Off to Bowen audiences in the summer of ’09, these accomplished young actors have donated their time and vibrant energy to this eminently entertaining fund-raiser for the Tir-na-nOg Theatre School. So march on up to the Tir-na-nOg Theatre nearest you for a boisterous evening of bizarre characters, belly-laughs and, believe it or not, big questions aimed at our own societal assumptions. Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 6:00 p.m. — April 9–10 & April 16–17. Playing at the top of Cates Hill, 585 Rivendell Drive, Bowen Island.